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Jeremy Henault
4972 Fountain Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90029

Tel: (760) 285-6036
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  • Computer Science Graduate student with experience and extensive coursework
  • Proficient in problem solving, and strong background in system designing
  • Self driven and constantly motivated in learning the latest programming languages and technologies
  • Research oriented and audacious in exploring different or new paths
  • Excellent team player and comfortable with multicultural collaborators. Entirely fluent in English, French (native language), and Spanish


Obtaining full-time employment where I can use and enhance my skills in Front End development, designing and implementing RESTful APIs, and solving challenging problems.

About this resume

This online resume was developed using server-side PHP programming language. Hidden JavaScript renders this resume interactive, making each point of the timeline clickable. This is intended as a preview of my designing and programming skills.